Hudson Valley Wedding: 8 Ways to Go Local for Your Wedding Day

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Hudson Valley Local Wedding Ideas


For many couples getting married in the Hudson Valley, their wedding is what I like to call a “local destination wedding.” While you may not be flying halfway around the world for your nuptials, you have a similar vision for your day. You want to transport your guests away from their day-to-day lives; you want to introduce them to new environment and new experiences; and you want to share a special place that you love with the people you love.  Along with sharing recommendations for local hikes, restaurants and favorite bars with your guests, I love the idea of highlighting locally grown foods and handmade products throughout the weekend.  It adds a distinction to your event while introducing your guests to something specific to the area where you’ve chosen to celebrate your day. There are tons of amazing companies in the Hudson Valley, but here are eight ways to keep it local for your Hudson Valley wedding.

1. Irving Farm Coffee may have a heavy presence in NYC with their six cafes, but they began roasting their beans in Dutchess County over 20 years ago. Other Hudson Valley coffee roaster include Catskill Mountain Coffee and Strongtree Coffee among many others. Include in your welcome bag, serve with dessert or give as a favor at the end of the evening!

2. Hudson Whiskey is distilled in Gardiner, along with other spirits in the Tuthill family. If you want to stay close to the source, you can get married on-site at Tuthill House at The Mill.

3. Maptote makes a cute Catskills tote (hint: buy wholesale for large quantities and save per bag). North Country Vintage Rentals also sells an adorable Hudson, NY-focused tote to use as a welcome bag.

4. If you’re looking for something different to offer at the bar, try a local cider like this Lavender Hops cider from Awestruck. I tried it at the Cider & Cheese festival recently and am a little obsessed. If you’re not into lavender, they also have Hibiscus Ginger… not to mention all of the other awesome cider makers in the Hudson Valley.

5. Jay Teske Leather Co. designs beautiful handmade leather goods, including these key fobs that would be perfect for a groomsman gift.

6. Hudson Made Apothecary makes the most incredible smelling small batch soaps and oils. The rose soap is my personal favorite. Include one in your welcome bag or in your bathroom basket.

7. If you’re getting married in the Fall, you can’t pass up an opportunity to serve your guests cider donuts. Create a donut display or send guests home with a trio of them at the end of the night. Most local farms offer them come September, but call ahead to make sure they can do a custom large order!

8. The Hudson Standard makes hand-crafted bitters and shrubs that can be used in a specialty cocktail, mixed with seltzer or incorporated into a recipe. They have lots of suggestions on their website if you need a little inspiration.


Modern Kicks is a Hudson Valley wedding planner. With an innate understanding of when to lead and when to listen, Modern Kicks will guide you through the process of planning an amazing celebration that captures who you are in an authentic and meaningful way.


Inspired By… Kings County Distillery Bourbon

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If you’re like me and love a good bourbon and a bit of history, Brooklyn’s King County Distillery is the perfect place to experience both on a Saturday afternoon. They’re New York City’s first whiskey distillery since Prohibition, and operate out of a gorgeous two story building in Brooklyn Navy Yard. If you’re looking for the perfect place to throw an intimate wedding or cocktail party for 150, they also offer the space for private events. I pulled inspiration from the whiskey distilling process as well as Kings County’s packaging into a celebration with touches of soft pastels for balance. Copper accents are a nod to the stills often used in the distilling process, and the simple type-writer font invitations are inspired by the bottle labels.

Kings County Distillery Bourbon Inspiration


1. Kings County Distillery Bourbon 2. Pastels with accents of burgundy and copper. 3. Mint dinner plates by One Kings Lane 4. Copper Candle Holders from World Market  5. ASOS Slim Fit Suit in Herringbone 6. Whiskey barrel 7. Bouquet by A Day in Provence 8. Copper Marais chair from Rent Patina 9. Invitation by Ellie Letter

Something Modern : Orange Blossoms

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How traditional are you? As you’re planning your wedding, you will ask yourselves that question frequently. Many couples want to avoid the moments they find awkward (hello, garter toss), or unnerving (i.e. dancing in front of 200 people), but still may want to include traditional or superstitious touches that do have meaning for them. I love the idea of doing a modern twist on an old tradition, entwining something old with something new. As non-traditional as a couple may be, there’s still something sweet and romantic about incorporating something their great-grandparents may have had at their celebration 100 years ago.

Recently, as I was scouring the internet for the perfect bridal headpiece for a client, I came across the history of orange blossoms used in wedding bouquets and head wreaths. The practice began in ancient China, with the flowers seen as a sign of purity and innocence. The custom spread, eventually making it to Spain, France and England. Orange Blossoms were a symbol of fertility in the Victorian era, and the style grew wildy in popularity after the Queen Victoria wore a crown of the fresh blossoms for her own wedding. The fresh flowers were very expensive and in high demand, so wax versions of the floral crown began being used. Following the wedding, they would often be kept on display in a glass bell jar in the home.  Those delicate antique crowns can still be found online, and Spain’s Le Touquet  recreate headpieces inspired by what their great-grandmothers wore. If you love the symbolism of the orange blossom, there are plenty of creative ways to include the flower in your special day in unexpected and subtle ways.

Orange Blossom Inspiration

1. Vintage wax-flower headpiece. 2. Orange Blossom Cutting Cake 3. Specialty Cocktail Recipe 4. Ellie Saab ‘Le Parfume’ 5. Art Deco Orange Blossom Ring 6. Flower crown from Whichgoose


Need some more inspiration?

Something sweet:
Pistachio Orange Blossom Cake
Orange Blossom Cocktail
Almond and Orange Blossom Bridal Cookies
Orange Blossom & Thyme Lollipop

Something scented:
Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne
Nest Orange Blossom Hand Soap
Mermaid Hair Shampoo

Something lovely:
Claire Pettibone Dress
Handmade Orange Blossom Headpiece
Minted Orange Blossom Invitations


My bride ended up purchasing the most gorgeous antique headpiece from Ruby Lane… you’ll have to wait until June to see it!


Inspired By…Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs

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A few weeks ago I finally caught the Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs exhibit at MoMA and was immediately captured by Matisse’s simple shapes and bold colors. Each piece was distinctive but connected, with endless variations on a theme. I left brainstorming ways incorporate the elements that made the cut-outs so distinctive into a celebration for a modern couple who loves mid-century art and design and has a bit of a sense of humor. An all-white loft space would be the perfect blank canvas for these bold colors to pop.


1. Monstera leaves 2. Billy buttons aka Craspedia 3. Alfie Retro Chairs from Octavia & Brown 4. Star Lamp by Rewire 5. Pantone colors: Freesia, Dazzling Blue, Radiant Orchid and Celosia Orange 6. DIY linoleum print cards as see on Apartment Therapy 7.  Boden Blue Velvet Mary Janes 8. Tom Ford Nail Laquer in African Violet 9. Vionnet Dress


Check out more of my Matisse inspiration and some of his work here!